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Comment by Samer
poem by © Matt C.
I live everyday with everlasting shame,
with everlasting regret,
with everlasting pain,
Why? What have I done to beget?
I don't forget, like a tight corset
of the pain that tightly constrains my soul
and turns my heart into deep, dark coal.

So there's nothing left to do,
except load this bullet and blow straight through.
For every somber moment,
every haphazard mistake,
every broken promise,
every failure,
all my doubt,
all my lost hope,
all my poisoned love,
can go straight through
the bullet hole I just blew.
Now, they can escape to the surface,
in hopes of a higher purpose, because I'm sadly through.

One bullet, one dream, one doubt,
and the one fire no one helped to put out.
So say goodbye,
and don't forget to say hi
to my demons passing by;
For I am Satan's now,
no matter how hard I cry.
No one can hear me anymore,
forever suffering, forever silent, forever I die.

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